Start Your Day With A Healthy Note!

Fruits are an imperative piece of a healthy eating regimen, and their variety is as important as quantity. It is the sweet, fleshy, edible part of a plant. They are normally eaten raw, although a few varieties can be cooked. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and flavors. Fruits are a handy snack and are effectively carried to work or school. Incorporate them into everybody's meals and snacks for a healthy, well-balanced diet. Fruits contain vital vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals. They additionally contain fiber.

Fill Your Refrigerator With Our Quality Products!

Amish Market East is a one-stop point for the seekers of healthy breakfast options, featuring a number of products under Fruits category. The featured products are available in a range of varieties for an enhanced version of your regular breakfast. They are brought to you by the renowned brands, namely, Dole, Mott's, Del Monte, Golden Delicious, Alpine Fresh and so on. You also have an option to choose from Salads to Herbs at an amazing offer. We deliver a wide array of products at your doorstep. Avail the convenience of a customized aisle for a pleasant shopping experience that’s not as time-consuming as ever.

One-Stop For All Your Daily Necessities!

We have organized this section for people who have busy schedules and do not have enough time to reach supermarkets or any nearby shops. We are here to fulfill all your needs without wasting valuable time. From an extensive range, we offer a wide array of choices under one umbrella at affordable offers. Make your own personal choice from our large selection of Fresh Produce.

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    Hass Avocado - Each
  2. lb in cart
    Freshly Cut Pre-Packed Mixed Berries - Per Lb
    $8.63 per lb
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    Mango - Each
  4. in cart
    Green Yellow Plantains - 1 Each
  5. lb in cart
    Organic Honeycrisp Apple - Per Lb
    $4.31 per lb
  6. lb in cart
    Granny Smith Apple - Per Lb
    $2.69 per lb
  7. lb in cart
    Gala Apple - Per Lb
    $2.69 per lb
  8. lb in cart
    Green Seedless Grapes - Per Lb
    $5.39 per lb
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    Freshly Cut Pre-Packed Sliced Mango - Per Lb
    $6.47 per lb
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    Red Seedless Grapes - Per Lb
    $2.15 per lb
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    Organic Fuji Apples - Per Lb
    $3.23 per lb
  12. lb in cart
    Red Delicious Apple - Per Lb
    $2.15 per lb
  13. lb in cart
    Golden Apple - Per Lb
    $2.69 per lb
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    Fresh Grapefruit - 1 Each
  15. lb in cart
    Black Plum - Per Lb
    $2.15 per lb
  16. lb in cart
    Organic Bartlett Pears - Per Lb
    $2.15 per lb
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    Freshly Cut Pre-Packed Mexican Papaya - Per Lb
    $5.39 per lb

Items 1-20 of 65

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