Goat & Lamb

Enhance The Nutrition Level Of Your Food!

At Amish Market East, our products are meant to boost flavor & nutrition and solve the consumer pain points of variety, health, and convenience. We provide the finest tender, healthier, and succulent meat products both frozen and fresh with assured quality, and of course at an affordable price. Meat and poultry are a great source of protein and lots of other nutrients your body needs. These products provide satiety and the ability to be personalized. We have a lot of options to choose from, for your daily meal requirements.

Choose From The Best!

We offer you considerable quality, freshness, and consumable options you will find in a store. We watchfully select our product to make sure that your health is not compromised. These accessible products are a convenient way to add value to your meals. Whether you're shopping for yourself or your family, you'll be getting the best reasonable and quality product from this line. With goat and lamb, you can also buy Poultry and Pork at the best available offers.

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Amish Market East helps you bring fresh, healthy foods to your table. Browse our goat and lamb section and buy high-quality products today. You are delivered the products thoroughly tested for purity to ensure you return for further shopping with us. Choose from our collection and shop them at the best price.

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    Fresh Lamb Shanks - Per Lb
    $8.63 per lb
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    New Zealand Free Range Lamb Chops - Per Lb
    $24.83 per lb
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    Butchers Boneless Leg Of Lamb - Per Lb
    $12.95 per lb

4 Items

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